Welcome to Critter!

Welcome, I would like to introduce myself, Ravi Makadia. I am one of the founders and the Chief Technology Officer of critter.com. We are getting started on our venture to create an online crit space where users can submit their ideas and get feedback from their peers.

Currently I am the Director of Technology at a fast paced real estate marketing firm and responsible for development of websites, online marketing, social media, and the proprietary web application which brings it all together and quantifies the results. I am excited to be apart of the critter.com team and hearing all the feedback from our future users before we create the service.

We at critter are driven to revolutionize the online crit space by providing an easy to use platform for people to incubate their ideas and receive feedback until they are ready to mature and take the jump. Practicing what we preach we are opening up the idea of critter to the public prior to development so we can end up with a perfect service, I know it may be impossible to create something that is loved by everyone; but I promise you it will not be for lack of trying. We have some great ideas and foundations laid, but we are always looking for new ideas and perspectives so we encourage you to leave us some comments on our blog as well as our credos. Also if you are interested in joining our web development team please email me at ravi@critthat.com.

P.S. Your feedback or suggestions will not go unread, and we will make sure you are recognized for your contribution.

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