New Year’s Epiphany

I rang in the New Year by working up many variations of the “star” or “like” icon so people can bookmark projects they want to come back to, but I hated all the versions I came up with.  To take a break from it all, I did get a chance to sneak up to the roof of my apartment building with my beautiful (and courageous) wife to watch the fireworks in the San Francisco Bay.  This amazing photo captures it best (not my own photography, and definitely not the view we have!)

Today, I’m continuing work on the star icon, and I had a breakthrough.  I simplified the design down and used a the metaphor of dog-earring a page in a book.  I ran it by Ravi–who is generally also awake at all ungodly hours–and we have a clear winner!


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Critter is on Twitter

Twitter’s friendly little bird is helping out our little green Critter.  Follow us on twitter to get updates on our progress and other general announcements about design and critiquing.

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Designing Buttons

buttonSo I’m sitting here trying to design buttons for the site.  Why is this even a relevant activity?  Who cares.  If we just use the code <input type=”submit” value=”comment bar” /> we can get a perfectly fine Submit button for example.

The trouble is that I’ve grown so accustomed to the Internet that I just accept things for the way they are.  This is not the way change occurs!  The concept for designing Critter is to start from scratch to make the best user interface possible.  The buttons are, so far, the most interactive elements on the site so I want to make sure they do their job without bothering the users.

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Critter Creation

Critter is really happening.  It’s been a couple years in the making but with a competent team and solid plan, we are heading into the abyss of the Interwebs.  I ask only one thing, don’t be gentle.  Leave us your comments and let us know what you would like to see on the site.

We’ll be keeping this blog updated as we work and refine ideas, so check back in often and  feel free to leave yours comments on our ideas, graphics, bugs, and missteps.

We also have a crit us page where you can comment on our fundamental principles, the Critter Credos.

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Welcome to Critter!

Welcome, I would like to introduce myself, Ravi Makadia. I am one of the founders and the Chief Technology Officer of We are getting started on our venture to create an online crit space where users can submit their ideas and get feedback from their peers.

Currently I am the Director of Technology at a fast paced real estate marketing firm and responsible for development of websites, online marketing, social media, and the proprietary web application which brings it all together and quantifies the results. I am excited to be apart of the team and hearing all the feedback from our future users before we create the service.

We at critter are driven to revolutionize the online crit space by providing an easy to use platform for people to incubate their ideas and receive feedback until they are ready to mature and take the jump. Practicing what we preach we are opening up the idea of critter to the public prior to development so we can end up with a perfect service, I know it may be impossible to create something that is loved by everyone; but I promise you it will not be for lack of trying. We have some great ideas and foundations laid, but we are always looking for new ideas and perspectives so we encourage you to leave us some comments on our blog as well as our credos. Also if you are interested in joining our web development team please email me at

P.S. Your feedback or suggestions will not go unread, and we will make sure you are recognized for your contribution.

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